Welcome to the Schomaker Group!


The creativity and varied interests of the students in the Schomaker group have led us to explore a broad range of different projects!  These research areas encompass methodology development, the total synthesis of natural and unnatural products with intriguing biological activities, medicinal chemistry, computational studies, design of both base and precious metal catalysts, mechanistic studies and collaborations centered on hydroformylation, achieving catalyst control over C-H amination using silver catalysts and developing new reagents for bioorthogonal labeling.  Representative projects are described on the Research page; our publications page contains links to papers for more detailed information.

Post-doc opportunity!

  • Posted on: 17 May 2018
  • By: jroberts24

Jen is looking to recruit a postdoctoral fellow! Potential candidates with demonstrated strengths in organic synthesis and a knack for spectroscopy are encouraged to apply! Read more about this opportunity to participate in a collaborative project involving the design and implementation of ion-selective organic photoswitches here!