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Welcome to the Schomaker Group!


The creativity and varied interests of the students in the Schomaker group have led us to explore a broad range of different projects!  These research areas encompass methodology development, the total synthesis of natural and unnatural products with intriguing biological activities, medicinal chemistry, computational studies, design of both base and precious metal catalysts, mechanistic studies, and collaborations centered on hydroformylation, achieving catalyst control over C-H amination using silver catalysts and developing new reagents for bioorthogonal labeling.  Representative projects are described on the Research page; our publications page contains links to papers for more detailed information.

Schomaker Group News

  • Bioorthogonal Chemistry

    Congrats to Bob, Jess, Henry, and Amirah for a great collaboration with the Raines group out in JACS! Fantastic job, everyone!!

  • Aziridinium Ylides

    Congrats to Hillary for her recent review paper discussing the transformation of aziridinium ylides to stereochemically complex and densely functionalized N-heterocycles!

  • Research Associate (Postdoctoral) Position

    The Schomaker group is currently searching for a post-doctoral fellow to join our team (Post-doc application). To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter describing prior research experience, research interests, and future career …

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