Recent Group Awards

Congratulations to Eleanor on receiving one of the I&EC Division’s student poster awards.

Congratulations to Ryan and Eleanor for winning a Morton Award for the best grad/undergrad research project.

Congratulations to Minsoo, he is a nominee for the 2019 GSK Research Symposium.

Congratulations to Josephine for winning of this year’s Doban Mentoring Award (nominated by both William and Ben), as well as a Goering Organic Fellowship.

Congratulations to Joshua, he is a nominee for the 2019 Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium and was selected to attend the Heterocycles Gordon Research 3- Conference.

Congratulations to Mahzad, she was selected as a finalist for the local Women in Engineering Collegiate Competition.

Congratulations to Elenor for heading off to Merck for a summer internship.

William is the recipient of a Department of Chemistry Scholarship for the summer and school year, the Edward J. Panek Scholarship, and the Robert and Diane Paulick Scholarship, Congratulations to him.

Congratulations to Weiyang for attending a Ph.D. program at Cornell University and Congratulation to Devin for attending a Ph.D. program at the University of Florida.